How to Set-up Miko 2

Hi There!

Welcome to the world of Miko 2! This blog will tell you all about setting-up Miko 2 for the first time.

Have you unboxed your Miko 2 yet? You should find the following things in your box:

  1. Miko 2
  2. Power Adapter
  3. Quick Start Guide

All in place? Okay! If not, get in touch with our dedicated customer support team who is always happy to help.

Know your robot:

miko 2 setup


Have your Quick Start Guide handy for instructions on how to set up.

Step 1: This robot loves a nice snack of electricity! So charge Miko 2 by plugging-in the power adapter in the pin-slot on the back of the robot and switch the Power Charger on. The charging indicator behind Miko will turn green. The rim lights will glow red when the robot is dis-charged and green when the robot is charged. Charging time is 1.5 hrs. Switch the power button on once the robot is charged.

Follow step 2 till the robot gets charged.

Step 2: Download Miko 2 app on your Android phone from Play Store.

Step 3: Before we move on to operating the Miko 2 app, a little about the app. Miko 2 app is a Parental app which parents can use to track your child’s progress, get suggestions on things to try with Miko and much more.

Step 4: After the download is complete, open the app and enter your details to create your account. Please enter the number of the phone that the parent will be using. Once you enter your mobile number, an OTP will be sent to your number. Enter the OTP to finish the account creation process.

Step 5: After entering your details, the app will start searching for Miko 2 using your Bluetooth. Please make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is on.  Click on “Continue” once your Miko 2 is found. Miko 2 is now connected to your phone’s Bluetooth.

Step 6: It is now time to connect Miko with your Wi-Fi. Please make sure that your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. The app will scan for the available Wi-Fi signal in your home. Once your Wi-Fi is found, select it and enter the password and click on Save.

Congratulations! Miko 2 is now successfully connected to your Wi-Fi. You will no longer need your phone and keep it aside.

Miko is now awake and ready to roll!

Please note that in case you change your Wi-Fi details, you can always re-enter them in the app. You can also set-up multiple Wi-Fis and your phone’s Hotspot. The advantage of this is that you can switch between different Wi-Fis if the signal is weak. This can be done directly by going to the Settings tab on Miko through the Touch Panel. Press the Center key of the Touch Panel to enter the app menu on Miko 2. Use the right arrow key to scroll to the Settings tab. Enter the tab to go to Wi-Fi settings. You can check if your current Wi-Fi signal is strong enough. The Wi-Fi symbol will be completely blue if the signal is strong enough.

To add another Wi-Fi connection, enter the Wi-Fi details of this new connection in your Miko 2 app. You can now go back to Miko 2 Touch Panel and scroll to right to connect to this new Wi-Fi and continue using the robot uninterrupted.